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Cypress Course overview

Cypress is a web testing framework for all your web applications. It allows us to write automated web tests in Javascript and is known for its agility and performance. Cypress is entirely based on javascript and can intervene with the browser at run time by influencing the DOM. Cypress is free to use and lets us create test cases while recording and monitoring the test execution with its dashboard services.    

About our Cypress Course

The Cypress Course offered by us is perfect for beginners as well as professionals. We at Rype academy have expert level trainers with 12+ years of industrial experience. The cypress course is put together by our trainers in a way that benefits the course takers. The course covers all the relevant topics with real time projects for the upliftment of your technical skills. The cypress course offered by us is intended to prepare you with the right set of skills that will guide with the right usage of the tool and framework.  We aim to provide the best learning experience to our batch members and students.

Why Enroll with us?

Advantages of the Cypress Course

The cypress course validates your skills including the concepts involved in it. With Rype academy’s cypress online course, you will be able to get your hands on the following –


  • Familiarity with its features and tradeoffs. 
  • Write cypress tests for web applications.
  • Write tests using the core concepts of cypress.
  • Familiarity with cypress tools and systems.
  • Learn XHR testing.
  • Understanding cross browser testing.
  • Learn API Testing.
  • Learn CI/CD Integration.
  • Learn to perform BDD based testing with cypress

Our placement assistance program

Rype academy’s cypress placement assistance program will be held after the cypress course training. We will train you with all the necessary skills required to find the right job. Our placement assistance program will polish your skills to help you achieve the right job with the right package. We at Rype academy have a special placement assistance team that will support you and provide the right guidance. We engage the students in mock interviews, job counseling sessions, resume preparation, behavioral counseling etc as a part of the placement assistance program. We maintain connections with reputable companies and refer the students with the eligible skills for a job. You can always reach out to us for further assistance in the cypress course and placements. We offer the best services to all our students and trainees. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Sure, we provide a demo class that you can attend, based on which you can make a decision of enrolling with us.

The trainers at Rype academy are all experienced and have over 12+ years of experience. They possess all the technical and industry based  knowledge and will provide the best learning experience for the candidates.

We at Rype academy teach with practical and technical knowledge and give our students a chance to work on real time hands on experience that will give you the practical experience you require.

We provide top notch placement assistance and will guide you throughout but it eventually depends on the individual performance and competence that will get you the job. We, however, have 8/10 success rates with the job placements.

You can get in touch with our team at our email or phone number provided on the contact page and get in touch with us for further details regarding the fees.

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"Digital marketing course was so much fun and the curriculum was packed with information in every module. "

"I got to experience and work with tools early on in the course which made it interactive and fun. Thank you."

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